Answers to frequently asked questions

What are your rates?

My rates vary depending on how detailed the illustration is and the intended use of the image. It also depends upon whether the artwork will be licensed with my name attached to it (with the artist retaining the copyright to the work), or if you require exclusive rights of the illustration and transfer of copyright. 

If you already have a specific budget in mind please let me know upfront and I can assess what can be created in the price range for you. 

If you’re thinking of working with me and don’t know your budget yet/require a quote first, then please fill out the collaboration form or email me through your design brief. Also please specify if you require the full license and what the illustration is intended for. Providing all the info allows me to give you an accurate quote covering all deliverables and an estimate of the time involved.

How do you deliver the artwork?

The initial drafts are emailed through as low res pdf’s for your approval, and the final artwork files are digitally delivered via a google drive folder for you to download from upon receipt of payment. If the originals are required, these will be provided as a high quality scan within the google drive folder. The files sent depend upon the project and requested files outlined in the initial design brief. The standard files provided include the working files either in psd or ai format (depending upon project), finished artwork /print ready files in psd or ai format (also depending upon project) and a pdf or jpeg copy.

CAN i hire you to collaborate?

Yes please, collaborations are so much fun!

I love working with like minded brands in my signature style to create illustrations and products that sparks joy with your customers. It’s always a thrill to see the illustrations and designs used on products and in new ways!

Drop me an email at to introduce yourself, or fill out your info in the collaboration form and I’ll be in touch.

Can I feature you/your artwork on my website/blog?

I love seeing my artwork in new places, however as this is my portfolio site some of the work shown is exclusively licensed to clients and cannot be reproduced without their permission. If you’d like to feature my work on your website/blog please get in touch below and I’ll point you to the non licensed pieces which you’re welcome to feature.

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Can I post photos of products from your shop on my blog/WEBSITE/INSTAGRAM? 

Yes, of course! I love seeing pictures of the products in their new homes, I just ask that you kindly note my website or instagram page @christie_elise in your post. Thank you!

Can you design my logo/business card?

Unfortunately no, logos/branding design aren’t my specialty, if you’re looking for a custom logo I would recommend finding a designer who specialises in branding/logo development. Sorry!

Can you design my WEDDING INvitationS?

Sorry I'm not designing custom wedding invites at this time, however I do have a selection of customisable wedding invitation designs available through Minted and Paperlust. Feel free to view the designs available through Minted here, and through Paperlust here .

Can I hire you to do a personal commission?

My schedule is super busy working on client projects, and unfortunately doesn’t allow the time to work on individual personal commissions sorry. However, I’m always happy to receive requests for possible new art prints for the online shop. So if there’s something you really want to see created in my style leave some info below and I’ll keep it aside to consider when creating new prints for the online store.

Name *
Tell me what you'd love to see! It can be as general as 'birds' or as specific as you like. For example "I'd love to see a bird illustration with spotty feathers and a striped butterfly on it's head".
Favourite colour palette, notes on what you'd love to see as an art print etc.
Acceptance *
I love hearing your suggestions and will try to create as many as possible, however I work on the prints in my personal time and cannot guarantee that the suggested art print will be created.